Eberle FIT-3F Indoor thermostat Flush mount 7 day mode 10 up to 40 °C 88083766

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The flush -Thermostat FIT is aligned for the requirements of different heating systems. The optimal contact with the resource energy making diverse functions possible: By the Optimum-Start-Function - FIT, it automatically saves heating power, because it knows how much pre-run time is necessary to adjust the desired temperature and set clock –unnecessary long and expensive pre-heating is prevented in this manner. If you live several days out of your home, while the temperature sinks during this period and by the Vacation-function, the pleasant room temperature can be obtained on time, just after returning back home. Even if one is out of home for few hours, the temperature can be adjusted for this time with the Party-Timer or as requirement, without necessary interference in programme. If the temperature is normally low for whole day within weekdays, you can quickly and easily increase the use from Vacation or illness day-mode to At home function. To develop a flair for the energy consumption, the controller can display the use from the last day to past 12 months. Along with the proportional control method,the FIT offers a Two-point control also. For special usage, by which frequent burner switching is prevented and delay in re-switching can be set by default. During summers the temperature control of room can be set by integrated effect switchover and set for cooling the room or completely switched-off. By an eventual failure, the heating performance is minimized at 30 %, so that the room is neither over heated nor chilled. The danger of damages by cooling drip and switched-off control, the frost-proof function is prevented, during unauthorised access by children and unwanted adjustment. All the variety of watches thermostat is available on flash-memory-card, in which all the data is safely transferred during a voltage failure. The huge display with background light enables easy reading of displayed values and the conditions of control elements automatically during unfavourable light conditions. Blocking of days can take place by adjusting the switching times. Per day or day blocking is available upto 9 switching times.

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